Start a Radio Station! From Start to Finish!
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How to Start a radio station videoHow to Start a radio station video

We handle all the engineering, paperwork, filing and hoop jumping for you!  We’re not new to the broadcasting business.  Our CEO has been a broadcast engineer since 1985 and filing FCC radio applications since 1997!   You can be sure your trust is placed well with Nexus Broadcast!  And when the FCC says no, we’ll be there to find the solution.  Rules are for fools!  The FCC’s commission mandates that they serve the public interest.  This opens up many opportunities for those with the experience to deal with solutions outside the FCC rule box.  While most applications are straight forward and granted, sometimes special situations make traditional application processing impossible.   Or so say the other broadcast engineering firms.  Not with Nexus!  If there is a way, we’ll find it for you.  Broadcast Outside The Box!

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